YOGA Fundamentals Workshop, Beginner Yogi Training 
Whether you’ve been practicing for many years or new at yoga, Yoga Fundamentals will meet you wherever you are in your yoga practice. With the guidance of our dedicated and caring yoga instructor Sarah you’ll be immersed in the principles of yoga.  
The tools for strengthening your yoga postures.  Plus, tips and tricks on how to use each new skill in your personal yoga practice
Customized yoga classes with small group support and an open forum to address all your questions and concerns
A  dive on the philosophy of yoga and how to take what works on the mat and use it in your everyday life.
Know Your Salutations 
Warrior Variations 
Build Your Stability For Better Balance  
Safe Alignments For Backbend & Hips
YOGA Fundamentals, Beginner Yogi Training  
Where: Masdar City Studio
When: 30th January & 6th February
Time:  10:30am – 12:30pm
2 sessions – must enroll for both classes 
Tuition: 420 Dhs (VAT inclusive)
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