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Stability Flow – Sara

Vinyasa Flow focus on breath and standing postures to help you cultivate steadiness.

On The Road Restorative – Sarah

A few deep hip opening poses that release your deep outer hip muscles and relieve your lower back.

Gentle Heart Opener – Jay

Stretch and strengthen your spine to connect deeper into self.

Pincha Flow – feather of peacock with Laylee

Focus on dynamic ways to warm up your shoulders with stabilizing movements that help increase shoulder strength and awareness to prepare you to enter forearm stand.

Cooking Dana_Does_ at YogaOne | Yang Spicy Tofu Caesar

This doesn’t have to be a science experiment, it can be as simple as adding a delicious olive oil or tahini-based dressing to your salads or roasted vegetables. By adding fat to these plant-based dishes, you are not only making them easier for your body to absorb, but you are (at least in my opinion) also making them delicious too.

Cooking Dana_Does_ at YogaOne | Yin Warm Winter Lentils & Roots

In this salad we used a nifty trick to turn two incomplete proteins into a complete protein. This is known as protein combining or complementary proteins. Complete protein simply means it contains roughly equal amounts of all 9 essential amino acids that make up protein.