Have you ever looked at all the different objects in the yoga studio and wondered what they are for? Maybe you have thought they weren’t for you? In a Vinyasa practice props can be perceived as a weakness but what if you could use these objects to power up, play and find more precision? Props can help you find support, strength, space, and surrender in your practice.

Join our brilliant teacher Jay for this 2-hour workshop to explore how you can use traditional and maybe some not-so-traditional props to empower your yoga practice!

In this workshop you will: 

  • Learn how to use props within the yoga studio Vinyasa setting.
  • Learn how props can be used with your own body to power up, power down, and make a pose more accessible for you, creating strength, space, and depth. 
  • Have the opportunity to play with props in a fun vinyasa flow and in some of your favorite poses and maybe not-so-favorite poses!

This workshop is suitable for everybody. Ask in-studio for more information.

  • When: Saturday 26th June 2021
  • Time: 3:00pm (2 hours)
  • Investment: 189 Dhs (VAT incl.)

Sign up here: https://app.glofox.com/portal/#/branch/6061e3e31da5ff2d7e1a2cdb/courses/60be12508dc02f4f101629db/schedule/1623069202534/book