YogaOne’s Prenatal Yoga class is a gentle, highly effective practice, that will provide you with the vital tools required, to obtain the balance of a strong healthy pregnancy and a relaxed calm approach to your birth.  Each class will end with a beautiful relaxation that will help you maintain relaxation and calmness throughout your day.

Find mind and body connection through mental centering and grounding poses.  Pause, close your eyes and connect with your beautifully changing body in a positive mindset. Classes will focus on alleviating lower back discomfort as well as flowing through gentle stretching movements in preparation for birth.  Developing greater awareness of your breath, will encourage relaxation and calmness in your body. 

Open your heart and send love to your growing baby.  Heart opening postures and movements focus on releasing tension in the upper back.  Feel the strength of your body evolving throughout your pregnancy to support your baby and get you ready for birth. 

A gorgeous warrior flow for a confident and fearless mama builds stability and safe yoga poses that help baby to find a comfortable space during pregnancy and an optimal position in the pelvis during birth.  Breathe and release.  Let go and surrender.  Connect with your instincts through a lovely flow that harmonise with your unique journey.