Prenatal Immersion combines Vinyasa Flow, Breathing Techniques and Mindfulness practices to help build stamina in your 2nd & 3rd trimesters.  As you learn how to effectively use the power of the breath and movement you will be preparing  your body for labor and will be developing the tools to support you through your birth experience. 

Our prenatal classes offer an effective full-body workout for all levels, as you explore strengthening your glutes and core, whilst also increasing mobility and stretching.  This practice will help to  create ease and flexibility in your whole body, in particularly the thoracic spine, whilst learning the balance between tone and release in your pelvic floor with plenty of modifications throughout that you may use in any other type of exercises. 

Each class starts with breathing/pranayama and ends with mindfulness practice as a calming meditation that helps reframe negative thoughts and sensations, connect with your baby in a deeper bonding level and cope with hormonal changes.

Please note: Prenatal yoga is for those who have passed their 1st – 12 weeks and have a low-risk pregnancy and have gotten the green light from a doctor to practice.

Location:  Mangrove One Studio

Date: 8th May – 5th June  (Monday)

Time:  5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Price:  90 AED (VAT Incl)

5 Class Packs – 450 AED

*Advanced booking required