Parking Faqs

Parking Faqs

We take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our students. Masks must be worn in common areas, students must wash or sanitize hands upon entry, and temperature taken. There are visual distancing cues throughout the studio to help keep you stay 2 metres apart from those around you. We regularly clean and sanitize the studio, bathrooms and reception area, and mats and props are thoroughly disinfected after each use. We recommend bringing your own mat and props with you, as well as a water bottle already filled. See our complete Studio Guidelines here (link)**.

We understand that there are times when students are unable to attend a class that is already booked, and you can easily cancel your bookings from the YogaOne app or via our website. Cancellations can be made up to 4 hours prior to the start of class without incurring a penalty.

As our studio is operating with limited capacity due to COVID restrictions, we are kindly asking that students cancel classes well in advance to allow us sufficient time to release the spot to someone on the waitlist. Failure to give at least 4 hours notice of cancellation, or in the event of a no-show, one (1) credit will be deducted from your package or one (1) day will be deducted from your unlimited package.

If you have never practiced before we suggest trying our classes noted as Beginner or All Levels. Mixed Level classes are also accessible to new students as our teachers provide options and modifications based on your practice. If you are booking through the YogaOne app, the class level is listed under each class name, otherwise click on the class for more details if you are booking through our website.

Our Gentle Flow classes are a wonderful way to ease yourself into your yoga practice. Our Hot Hatha classes are also a great place to start or return to your mat if hot yoga is more your thing. Our Power Vinyasa 1 class provides a wonderful introduction to vinyasa classes as you move through the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga. If you are returning to your mat or are new to the studio maybe try out our Power Vinyasa 1.5 class.

Reach out to us in-studio or call/WhatsApp us at +971509508863 if you are in doubt.
Be sure to let the instructor know you are beginning your yoga journey.

YogaOne is pleased to offer nutrition services with our in-house Nutrition Coach, Dana Howells. You can choose from a single session, a package of 8 one-on-one coaching sessions, or ongoing support after you complete a coaching plan. Reach out to us to enquire about prices and to book a free consultation!

You must book and pay for your classes in advance, via the YogaOne app or our website. Our app is free to download on both the Apple Store and Google Play, or you can book through our website here. Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to accept walk-ins until further notice.

All of our classes have a waitlist feature, where you can add yourself to the list if a class is full. We encourage you to use the waitlist if the class you want to join is full as there are often cancellations. If a student cancels, the first person on the waitlist will be added to the class, and will receive a notification in the YogaOne app and/or an email notifying them that they have a spot in the class. If you have joined the waitlist for a class and are no longer able to attend, please cancel your spot on the list so that you are not contacted in the event of a cancellation.

If you are unable to add your name to the waitlist, it means that the class and the waitlist are both full and the class will appear with a red dot on the schedule. Keep checking back for cancellations if it’s a class that you have your heart set on; you just might be able to snag a spot!

All you need to bring for your yoga practice is yourself and an open mind! We recommend bringing your own mat and props if you have them, and a water bottle already filled, and a towel if you need one. If you do not have any of these, mats are available to rent, you may borrow the studio props, and water can be purchased in-studio.

Wear comfortable, form-fitting workout clothing that allows you to move freely. Layers help to adjust for temperature changes during and after class.

There is ample parking at both our locations, but please arrive 10-15 minutes before your class to park your vehicle and get settled into the studio.

Masdar City Studio parking spaces are located in Masdar City Phase 2, Block C.

Mangrove One parking spaces are located within the gated compound; please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please drive with care as this is a family compound area and children are always present
  • Please drive under the speed limit of 20km/hour as any cars caught violating the speed limit will be banned from parking inside of the compound as per the The Mangrove One security team policy
  • Please park in designated parking spaces only; DO NOT park in the resident’s driveway
  • Please stop at the security gate and inform the security team that you are going to YogaOne
  • Please do not rush to the class when you are late; breathe and enjoy your class!

We offer heated classes: Hot Hatha and Hot Flow. The studio is heated using Far Infrared (FIR) panels, to temperatures between 37 and 40°C. The heat helps to warm your body and prepare you to go deeper into your poses, as well as elevate your heart rate to improve cardiovascular health and metabolism. For our hot classes, we recommend bringing a towel and water bottle with you as you are likely to get your sweat on!

Only Hot Hatha and Hot Flow are heated classes. All other classes are offered at room temperature, with a little help from the air-conditioning during the summer months.

Yes, we do, but look for them in our schedule as Aerial Flow. Various styles of aerial/swing yoga make use of different types of hammocks; ours are 100% pure silk without handles. We offer Beginner and Intermediate classes, and there are Ladies Only aerial classes available. Check them out on our schedule here.

Please note the special guidelines for our aerial classes:

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class to allow time to measure your hammock to your height; due to this we have a No Late Admittance Policy for aerial classes
  • Please ensure that your top must have sleeves long enough to cover your underarms (long or short sleeves)
  • Please remove all jewelry before the class
  • Please avoid anything that might snag on the silk hammocks e.g. hair clips, zippers, long nails, etc.
  • Please avoid strong scents and perfumes
  • Please avoid bringing any beverages into the class with the exception of water
  • Please ensure that your phones are switched OFF or in silent mode to avoid disturbance of the class

Yes to both! Private classes are a great way to get more out of your personal practice and progressing along your yoga journey; and corporate yoga is a wonderful offering to promote wellbeing within the workplace.

We offer private classes in-studio or at your home, gym or other location; and we also offer private aerial yoga classes. Private classes can be one-on-one or you can add in as many people to your group as you like.

Corporate yoga classes can be one-off, weekly or allow us to create a custom wellness program for your team. We have created comprehensive corporate wellness programs for companies such as ADEK, ADIA, ADNOC, ADP and Nawah, and we would love to be considered for your wellness partner.

If you are interested in private classes or corporate wellness, please email us at to request a price list and to discuss your needs.

We recommend that you bring your own towel or mat to absorb sweat. YogaOne mats are also available to rent at the front desk. If you are practicing regularly at YogaOne, you are welcome to leave your mat at the studio. Please make sure it has your name on it or is in an identifiable mat bag. YogaOne is not responsible for mats that are lost or forgotten.

Yes, yoga is a great way to keep your body moving during pregnancy and to help prepare you physically and mentally for the birthing process. Always consult with your doctor before making the decision to practice yoga during pregnancy. Before your class, inform the teacher if you are pregnant so they can better assist you and offer modifications for your practice.

Yoga can be beneficial in helping you work through or rehabilitate an injury, but please be mindful that no two injuries are alike, and each person is affected in a different way, so always listen to your body. After injury, please consult with your doctor before starting or getting back to your yoga practice. Once you’re ready to get onto your mat, speak to your teacher before the start of class to inform them of your injury so that they can offer you modifications during your practice to help keep your body safe.

If it’s your first time at YogaOne, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the start of your class to fill out our new student form, look around the studio and discuss any injuries with  your teacher before you settle onto your mat. Please allow yourself additional time if you need to change your clothes.

For regular students, we suggest arriving about 10 minutes early. While we understand that lateness can be unavoidable at times, please be understanding that we will not allow students into the studio if you are more than 5 minutes late, so as not to disturb other students during their practice.

We recommended practicing on an empty stomach; try to avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to yoga practice. If you need a pick-me-up before your class, have a little juice, coconut water or fruit; but avoid eating anything heavy or filling. Drink plenty of water prior to class, but avoid drinking during class.