This practice involves using silk hammocks a few inches off the ground to gently restore and repair the body’s muscles, structure, and nervous systems. It engages the mind, body, and breath, providing the benefits of suspension in a gentle and accessible way. The hammock serves as a prop to stretch and decompress the spine, with a focus on opening the hips and hamstrings. It’s an excellent complement to your mat practice, enhancing awareness of movement and breath.

AntiGravity is suitable for all, offering a low and slow introduction to those curious about it. The practice differs from restorative yoga on the mat as the hammock allows partial suspension, providing a sense of weightlessness and enabling exploration of flexibility without joint compression.

The class includes a sequential flow set to music, incorporating meditations, inversions, joint opening poses, and a floating savasana with sound healing, fostering both prevention and rehabilitation of injuries while cultivating mindfulness.

When: 28th January 2024 (Sunday)

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Where: Masdar City Studio

Price: 110 AED (Tax inclusive)

*** Bookings essential