Fire Up and Finesse your Flow

Ladies Only

With Lotte and Jay

Starts: 19th September

An 8 week conditioning programme specifically designed to tone muscle, build strength, stability and mobility to enhance your yoga practice. Perfect after the summer break, to ease you back into your practice, and to power up and finesse your flow!

Are you looking for more power, space, strength and mobility in your practice? Or maybe you have just started your yoga journey and want to see where you can learn and expand and feel more confident? 

Maybe you are looking for something fun and challenging to support and enhance your fitness goals and practice? If so, this programme is just for you!

Catering for all levels of ability, Jay and Lotte will lead you through an 8 week program of strength and conditioning.  Using the Fit Flow Class model, students will focus on specific drills within the yoga flow geared towards developing their asana practice. 

Each week will focus on different muscle areas and a particular posture or set of postures, that will develop a student’s mobility, strength and technique to enjoy key yoga asanas and flows. 

The fusing together of traditional yoga, with strength and conditioning techniques will deliver improved fitness, stability and mobility. 

Have fun, work hard, feel and see tangible, real results.

Week 1: Centre your Core 

Week 2: Spinal Spotlight

Week 3: Happy Hands, Wrists and Shoulders

Week 4: Healthy Hips 

Week 5:  Target the Chest and Back 

Week 6: Awesome Accessory Muscles (Bicep/ Tricep/ Shoulders)

Week 7: Calibrate your Quads, Hamstrings and Calves

Week 8: Full Body Focus

Mangrove One – Tuesday 10.30 – 11.30am

Masdar City – Sunday 9:15 – 10:15am 

80AED per session

575 AED for 8 weeks programme 

Open to Membership holders

It is not necessary to attend all classes, and each class can be taken individually.  

We do encourage students to take the whole programme if possible, as it has been carefully designed to progressively build strength, stability and mobility week by week.