What is Budokon Mobility

Budokon is a mixed movement art system combining yoga, mobility, callistenics, MMA and animal crawling patterns. Mobility teaches you new ways to transitioning your body across the floor in a horizontal and quadrupedal pattern.

Discovering fluidity of movement while working on your joint mobility. With all these new transitions you can play with, you might even get a new perspective on your current yoga practice.

As we dive into the world of mobility we start with the 5 Primary Positions. These are the base of your mobility movement practice and will help you to transition from one place to the next. From there, we expand our knowledge, by experimenting with different transitions and expressions of the 5 primary positions.

For instance, the possibilities to move across the floor from a supine to belly down position; how to bridge from a mobility perspective and get inspired by animal crawling patterns. At the end of the class we combine all that we have learned to create a sequence, ending the workshop with our own Mobility Flow.

Location: Masdar City Studio

Date: May 8th (Sunday)

Time: 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Price: Drop In – 210 AED

Members – 180 AED

*Advanced booking required

*Book your class at https://yogaone.ae/masdar-city/