Ashtanga Yoga 1.5 Immerse Workshop

Ashtanga Yoga is focused on the Tristhana Method: Pranayama (breath), Bandha (energy locks), and Drishti (focus).  

Join Tina for this two hour Ashtanga Yoga Immersive Workshop focusing on the key postures of the Primary and Intermediate Series. 

The primary series (Yoga Chikitsa meaning Yoga Therapy) targets the main organs of the body such as the digestive system and kidneys while the Intermediate series focuses on the cleansing of the nervous system (Nadi Shodhana). 

Both series incorporate challenging asanas, meditation, and breath work. Experience in primary series is preferred for this workshop.

Where: Masdar Studio

Time: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Dates: 19th March (Saturday)

Price: Drop In: 180 AED

Membership Holders: 150 AED


*Advance Booking required

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