Aerial Flow Fundamentals – LADIES ONLY 

Have you ever been curious to try aerial yoga but are not sure where to start? Join Mina for this Aeriall Fundamentals class as she gently guides you through the basic techniques of the silk hammocks to begin your journey. You will learn the fundamentals of maneuvering around your hammock and enjoy simple inversions to help decompress and hydrate your spine for improved spinal health. The slow pace of the class will help to ensure that you master the techniques needed to get comfortable being in the hammock and build a solid foundation for your aerial practice.

What you will learn:

Various ways to grip and wrap the silks

Understanding the various ways to wrap and grip your hammock is the first key to easily maneuvering around your hammock from one pose to the next. Through different wraps, we will explore varying degrees of compression of the fabric to boost blood circulation and detoxification.

How to find balance in the hammock

By engaging your core and locating your fulcrum point, you will be able to more easily balance while in the hammock. We will play with balance points and core activation so you will be able to find ease and navigate around the hammock more efficiently.

Graceful transitions between poses

To maneuver around your hammock with lightness and ease, you will first need to practice simple but specific movement patterns and techniques. Putting these movements together will help you to develop a graceful aerial practice.

When: Every Sun during July 

Time:  12:30pm (70 minutes)

Where: Masdar City 

Price:  110 AED

*** Bookings essential