Weekend Workshops with Brent Laffoon – @brentasana

Thursday April 2nd 2020 – Saturday April 4th 2020

A favorite teacher to yogis of all levels in Los Angeles and internationally, Brent Laffoon is the lead teacher trainer for Pure Yoga in Southern California. When he’s not working with clients and teaching his regular classes in LA, he can be found leading retreats and hosting workshops all over the world. Trained in a variety of styles – including Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bhakti – Brent’s classes are both playful and intense, blending traditional yoga philosophy and postures with a variety of creative and functional movements designed to keep your body strong & limber, your mind calm & positive, and your spirit light & uplifted.

Master Class 

Thursday 2nd April 6pm – 8pm

Price: 200AED plus VAT

A mindful exploration of both the familiar and the new.  This 2hr master class is designed to inspire you, educate you and help you elevate your practice to new levels. Prepare to have your mind and body opened, your edges challenged, and your spirits lifted! 

Inversion Immersion

Friday 3rd April 1pm – 4pm 

Price 275AED plus VAT

More than any other yoga pose, handstands have evolved to become a practice in and of themselves. This 3-hour workshop will take you from the fundamentals of building a stable handstand to a deeper understanding of the art of hand balancing. Open to all levels. All that is required is a positive attitude and a desire to get upside down!

Philosophy in Perspective

Saturday 4th April  1pm – 4pm

Price 275AED plus VAT

Just as we have to update the operating systems on our phones and computers, it’s equally important to update our understanding of certain philosophical concepts in order for them to remain useful to us. This 3hr discussion will offer modern perspectives on the ancient concept of vairagya, or non-attachment, as well as a variety of practices that will help you let go of unwanted feelings and unhelpful behavior patterns.

Price for all 3 workshops: 610AED plus VAT

Early Bird Pricing – 15% discount until February 20th 2020