We make over 35,000 choices everyday.  Most of what you  do is  automatic and done out of habit. This program aims to bring intention to your practice, your plate, and your person

This program is exactly as advertised: the whole package,

 a holistic approach to well-being on and off the yoga mat. 

This program will help you tap into what your body knows and give you lasting tools to better trust yourself. 

This five week package has a deep focus on your






Let’s start this year off making conscious choices with the intention to find what brings us joy and makes us feel good. 

What’s included?

  • Weekly Group Meetings; with subject introductions, and support 
  • Unlimited yoga classes for the month; all levels welcome 
  • Facebook support group; 3 months of ongoing support after program ends 
  • Expert talks; with range of subjects from gratitude to what eating local can do for your health
  • Dana’s  General Guide to Healthy Eating; A simple guide to healthy eating with basics, weekly meal planners, and visual aids on how to build a healthy plate. 

 I have designed this program to help you enjoy your life. Simplify your ingredients. Explore what actually serves you in all aspects of satisfaction.  I am providing you with tools to make conscious choices and live with intention. 

  • Price: 1,125 Dhs
  • Start Date:  Saturday 9th January for 5 Saturdays
  • Time: 3:30 – 4:30pm