Radiant Beginnings: The 21-Day Yoga Challenge

As we step into the New Year, we are thrilled to present our special “21-Day Yoga Challenge” – an exciting opportunity for you to embark on a transformative wellness journey and welcome the positive energy that yoga can bring into your life.

Challenge Details:

Duration: 21 days starting January 8th 2024

Objective: Complete 21 yoga classes within the next 3 weeks.


For those who successfully complete the challenge, we have an exclusive reward waiting for you! Participants achieving the 21-class milestone will be eligible to receive yogaone legging  as a token of our gratitude for your dedication and commitment to your practice.

Bonus Offer:

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, successful challengers will also receive a discount coupon for their next membership, providing an opportunity to continue their wellness journey with us at an exclusive rate.

How to Participate:

Sign up for the challenge at the studio. Available at mangrove one and masdar city

Attend a minimum of 21 yoga classes within the next 3 weeks.

Experience the physical and mental benefits of consistent yoga practice.

Claim your rewards upon successful completion.

This is an incredible chance to start the year positively, focus on self-care, and establish a habit of regular yoga practice. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just beginning your journey, we warmly invite everyone to join in.

Let’s make 2024 a year of health, mindfulness, and personal growth! We are excited to share this transformative experience with you.

*** Bookings essential