Karate Kids Classes

AED 673.00

Date: Every Monday
Timing: 4:30PM – 5:15PM
Age: +4 years



At YogaOne we love watching the incredible transformation in the children who attend our Karate classes. Bursting with energy  from their school day, the group rush into the room, where they are guided by coach Anas Elmanaseer and his assistant Coach Reema Adel Ayoub.

“Karate gives children self-confidence and improves their ability to communicate with each other” explains Elmanaseer. “Most children come in shy and they don’t like to talk with any kids. After Karate it’s better. A child will se a leader in the class and want to be like him/her. Without knowing it, he/she will start to grow, day by day. Karate also improves their fitness and helps children release built up energy in a positive way in a supportive environment.””

After warm-up exercises, the Coaches guide the group through the basics, or kihon, of the Japanese practice. As each student is different, they advance through the first stages of Karate’s 26 levels, or kata, at their own pace.

Every MONDAY from 6th January – 23rd March

MONDAY 4:30PM – 5:15PM AGE  +4 YEARS

Drop in price  – 70 AED (VAT INCLUSIVE)


Contact us at info@yogaone.ae or call us on 02 562 1217 – 050 950 8863