Why  veganism  isn’t a magic diet but how to make it a magic diet  for you.

This workshop is an introduction to the plant-based and vegan lifestyles.  Join Dana to help support your move to the plant forward life using evidence-based practices, gentle nutrition, and a well-rounded approach to healthy living. Learn some of her city life hacks for getting the most out of your food, for freshness and optimal nutrition. 

This workshop is designed to help 

  • Support your transition into a plant-based diet. 
  • Learn the importance of sourcing local and seasonal ingredients 
  • Get quality sources of plant-based protein 
  • You understand how it’s not just diet that leads to healthy living 

When :  Saturday 22ndAugust 

               3:30pm – 4:30pm ( Free Workshop)

           ** Booking required 

               Contact us at info@yogaone.ae or call us on 02 562 1217 / 050 950 8863