Jay started to practice yoga over 12 years ago during her first pregnancy. Over time it has become a daily meditative and mindful part of her life. It has also increased her confidence and physical and mental strength both on and off the mat. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Yogaworks in 2016.

In her classes, Jay likes to combine creative sequencing with strong foundations and alignment. She also endeavors to keep a spirit of playfulness whilst providing inspiration to help deepen students practice.

Jay hopes to help others thrive by nurturing their body, mind, and soul, so that students step off their mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced and able take the benefits of their practice into their daily lives.

In addition to her yoga practice, Jay loves all physical activities, partaking in triathlons, marathon running, cycling, golf  and more recently water ski-ing. She has a degree in Biochemistry and worked in the health service whilst living in the UK. Jay qualified as an aerobics and fitness instructor in 2000  and now works as a Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi. Jay moved to Abu Dhabi from the UK, 12 years ago. She lives with her husband, 2 children, and their dog.

Yoga helps to balance all aspects of Jay’s life as well as aiding recovery and preventing injury.  Jay is grateful for the knowledge and wisdom her teachers have shared with her in India, the UK, Ireland and the UAE.