Every Mon from Sept 10th to Nov 12th, 2018 (10 weeks)
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Price: 650 Dhs + VAT
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Did you know that young children who have practiced Yoga since early on have improved concentration, coordination, emotional awareness and enhanced social skills? Yoga with your baby in special Mommy & Baby Yoga classes also offer moms a gentle way to re-enter the world after the initial weeks following birth.

Our specially developed Mommy & Baby Yoga classes are for new moms from 6 weeks post-partum.  The classes encourage moms out of their nesting cocoons by slowly getting them moving again in a healthy and beneficial way while bonding with their baby. Bringing a new life into this world requires a lot of from your body. This special class focuses on poses that help to restore and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

You’ll learn exercises that gently stimulate your little one’s body, coordinate basic motor skills and vision. Our teachers will create a warm and calming experience for both you and your baby.

This class is designed for babies from 6-weeks old up to crawling.

From 6 weeks after birth, Yoga with your baby helps you:

  • Focus on developing core and strengthening back and pelvic floor affected by pregnancy
  • Relieve tension in upper body
  • Find yourself and your body again
  • Meet other moms and share experiences
  • Share in special moments with your baby as they discover their bodies and their surroundings
  • Revive your mind providing a space to just relax and breathe