Meditation For Superperformance, Even If YOU Don’t Know How to Meditate – An Experiential Workshop with Dr Marie Mbouni
Have you been struggling with creating a meditation practice? Do you want to develop the secret key to success for top leaders in the world? Are you ready to Fall in Love with Meditation? Come Unplug and Recharge! Boost your Performance and Productivity in All Areas of your Life! This workshop is a powerful Meditation-Focused Immersion, a Quest to expand your potential and contribute back to the world. Expect to be inspired, motivated and in bliss, with tools to start your own meditation practice immediately. We will begin with a movement meditation practice (no experience required). Then through in-depth lecture we will explore MEDITATION, what it is and why cutting edge CEOs and companies are investing millions of dollars on it. You will learn about the 10 different types of meditation, Understand the concept of Adaptation Energy, Get Rid of Useless Myths about Meditation, and discover how to harness the scientifically proven Benefits of Meditation to improve your own life and contribute by Being the Change! We dive deeper into the different Levels of Consciousness and the levels where you need to be in order to experience a happy, productive life, and access states of Flow and Peak Performance without stress. During the workshop we bring these new insights into practical meditations and visualizations, designed to expand your mind, and help you decide what types of meditation work for YOU. Learn the Secrets to Master Visualization Skills; Key Pranayama Techniques to take your meditation practice to the next level and THE 7 Powerful Mudras (Hand Gestures) you need to start using for a better meditation practice and to awaken the divine spiritual power (that is within each of us) and balance prana energy within your body. Finishing strong with “In The Moment of NOW” a style of meditation I created that you can immediately integrate into your everyday life, even if you are not good at meditation. About Dr Marie: Dr Marie Mbouni, founder of Heart Leadership, is a leading expert on helping high-performing leaders get reconnected and centered in order to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, alignment and joy. A bestselling author, healer and speaker, Marie’s coaching is sought after by top entrepreneurs across the world. Her clients include New York Times Bestselling authors, CEO’s of 9 figure businesses and more. As a lifelong Intuitive and chanel, her Eastern roots include robust work in Shamanic and Energy Healing, Shamanic Breathwork®, Plant Medicines as well as certifications in Sound Color Movement Therapy and Yoga [500 RYT] to provide a holistic experience for her clients who are seeking to uncover their deepest truth and achieve a new level of success. A philanthropist, Marie is passionate about giving back and helping the world evolve into a better place. She has worked with the World Health Organization to control AIDS in Cameroon, and is an active donor and volunteer for Just Like My Child, Girl Power Project, an organization that helps empower vulnerable adolescent girls in Uganda, as well as the Pachamama Alliance. Marie is available to partner as a coach and guide with any high-performing leader who wants to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level in order to experience lasting and holistic success. Date: Sunday February 9th Time: 10 – 1.30pm Investment: 250 AED (plus 5%VAT)