Mandala is a geometrical figure representing the Universe, established on the 4 basic elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air – to bring connection between you and the element’s corresponding Chakra. For November, Sylvia’s Mandala Flow Workshop will focus on the element of Air; you will breathe in new life as you move through the full Heart Chakra Mandala sequence, bringing you into synchronicity with nature around you through the lens of this element.

Integrating the spiralling patterns that nature uses to shape and create matter and energy within our bodies, you will journey through circular movements with your body 360 degrees around your mat. Through exploration of the Air element, you will move through backbends and beyond, opening your heart to the possibilities of your practice and breath.

This workshop will offer you a dynamic flow that will challenge and invigorate you. Join Sylvia if you are a regular Vinyasa practitioner and are ready to harness the power within you.

  • Date: Friday 27th November
  • Time: 4:30pm (150 minutes)
  • Price: 180 Dhs (VAT inclusive)