Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana – Last Friday of every month @YOGAONE

Join us at YOGAONE as we host a monthly Sadhana with Satya Adi Kaur and the growing community of Kundalini Yoga Teachers, beginning on Friday 28th February, and continuing on the last Friday of every month.

Time:  4:30am – 7:00am

Jap Ji:  4:30am

Yoga:  5:00am

Mantra:  6:00am

Aquarian Sadhana is practiced by Kundalini Yoga communities around the world to strengthen the mind and the body. 

This practice is done in a group to develop the collective consciousness which amplifies its impact. 

The class begins at the amrit vela (ambrosial hours) making it a powerful opportunity to strengthen and cleanse our non-physical bodies.

No Yoga or Kundalini Yoga experience needed.

Please feel free to join us at any time during the Sadhana and stay for as long as you wish.

Please contact us for more information.