Sonia Stern is a Certified Yoga Teacher who is trained to work with kids. Through fun and imaginative themes, Sonia introduces mindfulness, basic yoga concepts and beneficial postures to tweens going through crucial developmental stages. She believes communicating with kids through relatable stories, music, and games, helps tap into their imaginations. Her 9 Weeks Yoga Classes are designed to build strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and promote a positive body image for every student. Each class includes a series of poses, breathing exercises, and meditation practices that kids can apply at home, school, and with friends. Kids Yoga is suitable for all children between the ages of 4-12 – and a great place to unwind in a relaxed and safe environment.

WEEK 1 Mindful breathing techniques and introduction to Yoga. Calming and cooling techniques. Learning the “story of the breath” soft introduction to mindfulness and controlling body temperatures with breathing.

WEEK 2 Feeling grounded and developing leg strength and flexibility. Mastering warrior poses and other super hero poses. Focusing on self empowerment class themed to build confidence.

WEEK 3 Introduction of Sun salutation and bringing energy from the environment and body mobility awareness. Building stability and strength with a routine that will be the beginning of every class going forward.

WEEK 4 Introduction to twisting postures to help with the child digestive systems and help the maturing and developing spinal skeletal system to gain flexibility.

WEEK 5 Introduction to balancing series. Understanding what it means to feel rooted and centered. Learning to become focused and build concentration.

WEEK 6 Developing core strengths and back bends. Children often get in the habit of curving their backs due to sitting at desks, watching T.V and playing on their devices/phones. Backbends help kids counter all the slouching postures to being more upright.

WEEK 7 Developing arm strength and shoulders. Working on getting into supported hand stands and also practicing lifting body weight with hands while in full lotus position.

WEEK 8 Flying and Flowing series. Culminating all the yoga techniques and learning the feeling of being “light” and “free”. Working on inversion allow blood flow to the brain, helping with mood and energy through postures like “crow” pose and “birds of paradise”.

WEEK 9 Final class reviewing everything learned in this term. Acknowledging yet being humble with all that is achieved. Reviewing ways to being stronger physically and emotionally. Reviewing advanced postures to set goals and expectations for the following session.

Every TUESDAY from 7th January – 24th March

Age: 4-7 4:00PM – 4:30PM                                                                                                                                                                                     Age: +8  4:30PM – 5:15PM

Drop in price – 1 time only – 70 AED (VAT INCLUSIVE)                                                                                                                                           11  WK PROGRAM – 740 AED (VAT INCLUSIVE)

Please note that pre-sign up is required. Limited spots available.

Contact us at or call us on 02 562 1217 – 050 950 8863