Throughout our yogi lifetimes we will flow through 100s if not 1000s of Sun Salutations. The sequence has countless benefits helping us connect our movement to our breath while building strength, warmth, and awareness throughout the entire body. 

For this year’s “Playful salutation”, International Yoga Day Event 

You will have 30min to do your salutations for as many rounds as possible, using any 4 salutations of your choice or all 4 together:

Surya Namaskara A

Surya Namaskara B

Surya Namaskara C

Chandra Namaskara 

Our experienced teachers will offer you assistance and demo the 1st round of the 4 different types to help your understanding and guide you to cool down followed by sound meditation. 

YogaOne will be matching the amount of the money raised for YogaGivesBack (YGB). Members are encouraged to show their support by purchasing a mask, yoga props and clothing because all proceeds go to the YGB in India. 

Every year, International Yoga Day is an opportunity for our YogaOne community to join with YGB in their goal of creating a community of #ONEMILLIONYOGIS who give back and uplift India’s underprivileged women and children.

Please check out YGB ( and see how your support can make a real difference to many lives in India during this difficult time.  Please be one of the many yogis worldwide who are taking part in this mission.

#Onemillionyogis #yogagivesback #yogaoneuae #yogaoneuaefamily

Please join us for this very special annual event.

 International Yoga Day 
 Join us at YogaOne on June 21st to celebrate International Yoga Day with a 
 Date: June 21st • Time: 6:45pm – 8pm 

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