Group Classes

Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are.


This revolutionary suspension technique was created by AntiGravity founder Christopher Harrison, the originator of suspension fitness in 1991. This fitness technique is designed to increase one’s overall health and physical ability while having fun. The unique combination of exercises intends to decompress the spine and align the body from head to toe while stretching and strengthening all the muscles.

In Antigravity classes, the silk hammock is used to change one’s dynamic relationship to the ground, allowing the participant to fine tune their body through unique exercises that challenge the laws of physics. This new fitness/yoga prop acts as a soft trapeze to master suspension techniques leading to more challenging poses.

Absent any of the contra-indications, any ‘body’ is suitable to give this incredible technique a try!


During Ashtanga Vinyasa classes, the students are guided in unison through the postures of the primary series sequence and provided with options of how to do particular poses that may prove challenging. Introductory classes will help improve your endurance, stamina, and concentration, and are an excellent way to be introduced to Ashtanga Yoga. This class is suggested for all students to attend to reinforce the proper practice of the various vinyasas.

This is a non-heated class.


BDK (Budokon) Yoga for mobility is a modern yoga style which unites the ancient tradition of self-inquiry with modern mixed movement. BDK Yoga for Mobility is a class designed to help you dramatically increase your mobility through a unique combination of martial arts, calisthenics, tai chi, and animal locomotion. We will explore dynamic variations of yoga poses and also learn new movements to improve functional flexibility and strength. This practice will heighten your body awareness and expand your range of motion to a new level.

This is a non- heated class


Core Flow works to strengthen and engage all the muscles that make up the core. The class is suitable for all levels and consists of breath work to engage deep abdominal muscles, yoga poses linked to the breath to activate and condition the core muscles , as well as deep stretching and strengthening of the muscles that work with the core to achieve maximum strength and flexibility benefits.

This is a non-heated class.


Deep & Slow Flow is an Ana Forrest Yoga-inspired practice that encourages a transformative inner experience. This class is designed to connect with the core, encouraging strength and centeredness. The intensity of sequences allows students to develop the skills necessary to awaken each of the senses. Long-held poses assist the progress, enabling students to move deeper within poses.

Through Deep & Slow you will get your physical health, strength and a place to welcome your Spirit back home, finding your authentic self.

All levels of yogis are welcome.


An accessible practice designed for athletes who want to build strength and mobility. This class will activate then stretch commonly tight muscle groups. Focus primarily on creating movement around your pelvis, hips, hamstrings and shoulders as you flow through an effective set of postures such as lunges, forward folds, hips and shoulder opening stretches. Great before or after a strenuous training session or a heavy leg day. Join this practice to restore the mobility in your body.

This is a non-heated class.


Fit Flow is a great balance of strength and flexibility. This class is set to high-octane music and combines strength and mobility interval training to tone your body, increase cardio endurance and boost metabolism.

Offering you a wealth of benefits through 20 minutes of Tabata inspired exercises working on cardiac and muscle strength, endurance and mobility; followed by 25 minutes of a flow style yoga class to ease and stretch out the body, whilst calming and resetting the nervous system ready for your day.

With consistent practice you will see gains in your strength and endurance as well as an increased aerobic capacity, whilst toning and sculpting the upper and lower body.

This is a non-heated class.


A slow-paced, healing class suitable for all levels and ages. Postures are introduced in a slow, meditative manner, focusing on the healing and regenerative benefits of connecting the breath to movement. Following the movement portion of the class, the teacher will guide you into Savasana, a final deep relaxation pose. Perfect for those new to yoga, or anyone interested in a slower paced class with a focus on finding the breath, releasing tension and healing the body.

This is a non-heated class.


Flow-Based Hatha Yoga is done more slowly and poses are held for longer with conscious breathing. You will get a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures that will help you develop strength, balance, flexibility, and increase concentration and inner calm. This class is great for all levels of yogis, those just beginning a yoga practice, anyone working through injuries or those who would enjoy a more gently paced class.

This is a non-heated class.


Hot Flow is made up of consistent vinyasa flow movements and a series of postures, which will allow students to move gracefully through a sweat-dripping workout. Our Hot Flow classes will work your entire body with a focus on building strength and flexibility in muscles, reducing stress, improving cardiovascular capacity and metabolism, and helping to normalise weight from the beneficial effects of the detoxifying Far Infrared (FIR) heat panels.

The classes are heated between 35 to 37C° and are offered in 60 min and 75 min formats.


Hot Hatha is made up of a series of postures that follows the template and healing elements of the original Hot Yoga but also includes Vinyasa-style sequences to promote additional upper-body strength.

Hot Yoga is associated with many benefits ranging from improved flexibility, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, increased blood circulation, detoxification, stress reduction and weight loss.

Each practice begins with the breath and each pose preparing the body for the next pose, allowing students to gain strength, flexibility and balance. All levels are welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring their yoga mat, yoga towel and water bottle.

These classes are heated between 37 to 39C° and are offered in 60min, 75min and 90min formats.


Kids Yoga uses yoga as a platform to introduce children to a healthier lifestyle from a young age. The program is adapted from YogaKids International and Rainbow kids yoga. Children’s yoga classes are fun, dynamic and interactive while keeping in mind the safety aspect of each child. This class will emphasize cultivating kids’ love and interest for yoga, rather than memorizing or perfecting challenging asanas. They also learn basic techniques for relaxation, self-control, and stress-release to improve their overall health and well-being.


Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness. This practice works on the mind, body and spirit and helps strengthen the nervous system to manage daily stress with grace and acceptance. This class will focus on relieving, relaxing and recharging yourself to prepare for the week ahead. Each class is different and includes a kriya (physical movements), meditation, chanting and relaxation.

Additional notes: Comfortable, light colored clothing is recommended. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required.


Mat Pilates is a way to stretch and strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core, which span from your hips to your shoulders. Each class will work to balance all muscle groups’ strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. Classes will blend the Classical Pilates Method with exercise variations and by using props and light weights. Modifications are suggested for beginners or for those with physical limitations. Mat Pilates is a challenging yet safe method to sculpt your body and to feel increased agility in your everyday movements.



A gentle, yet powerful series designed to open and expand the physical body, cultivating strength and flexibility through the whole system. This class introduces a beginner vinyasa sequence, followed by a set of mild inversions, forward bends, back bends, and twisting postures. Class concludes with a deep relaxation.

This is a non-heated class.



All are welcome but some previous experience with yoga is highly recommended.

It’s time to turn off the autopilot and tune into your senses in this vigorous vinyasa class. It will empower you to make smart and conscious decisions on and off the mat. After a warm up, the class will follow a dynamic series of poses linked to breath. You will build internal heat, physical strength and improve alignment. The class ends with a richly deserved savasana. By incorporating mindfulness into your asana practice and listening to what your body’s needs, you will empower yourself to make conscious decisions in all areas of your life!

This is a non-heated class.



Play and explore your limitations in this invigorating class. Through concentration and steadiness, you will easily master this more challenging sequence. This class includes full inversions, twists, splits, backbends, and arm balances. Subtle energetics and anatomy are introduced through bandhas, specific breathing exercises, and advanced concentration techniques.

This is a non-heated class.


Prenatal Yoga is designed to meet the specific needs of mothers-to-be. In an effort to achieve physical, mental and emotional harmony, we focus on spinal alignment and toning of birthing muscles, as well as stamina and relaxation of body and mind. We recommended this class for expectant mothers who are at least 15 weeks into their pregnancy.

*Doctor’s letter is required to register.


Restorative Yoga is a gentle class that focuses on poses that help you de-stress, relax, and nurture yourself. The support of the body by props encourages the parasympathetic nervous system to respond, easing you out of stress and strain. Our Restorative classes are a perfect practice for those needing to replenish their energy levels or for those suffering stress, recovering from injuries or illness or experiencing anxiety and insomnia.

This is a non-heated class.


Join us for an invigorating and dynamic Rocket Yoga class that will take your practice to new heights! Developed by Larry Schultz, a student of Ashtanga Yoga’s founder, this high-energy class combines elements from the primary and intermediate series, offering a fresh and playful approach to traditional yoga.

In this vinyasa-style class, you’ll flow seamlessly from one pose to another, synchronizing movement with breath. Rocket Yoga is designed to challenge and inspire practitioners of all levels, as modifications are offered to suit individual needs and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner eager to explore, this class will empower you to build strength, increase flexibility, and enhance your balance.

Expect an uplifting experience as we explore inversions, arm balances, backbends, and more. Our skilled instructors will guide you through creative sequences with a focus on cultivating a joyful and supportive atmosphere. Connect with fellow practitioners and experience the sense of community that Rocket Yoga fosters.

Are you ready to blast off on an exciting yoga journey? Come and join us for Rocket Yoga and watch your practice soar to new heights!

This is a non-heated class.


Our Yin Yoga classes are nourishing and grounding, with poses held between 3 to 5 minutes, which allow a deep release of tension in the fascia (connective tissue). A regular yin practice balances out our Vinyasa flow and Hot classes and benefits include an increase in flexibility and greater joint mobility and improved flow of energy throughout the body. Yin Yoga is a must if you are a regular cyclist, runner, cross-fitter or athlete. This class is practiced with props to support the body.

This is a non-heated class.


Yin Yang is the amalgamation of two opposing energies. The first half of class ‘Yang’ is dedicated to a more dynamic asana practice with a primary focus on strength, flexibility and energy shifting. The latter half of class ‘Yin’, a more reflective introspective energy, is designed to nourish the body. Be guided through a somatic meditation helping to restore your body and mind. Suitable for all levels.

This is a non-heated class.


Yoga for beginners is the perfect class to begin your yoga journey and strengthen your practice along the way. Designed to be your gateway into yoga, we explore classical Hatha and more modern vinyasa practices that build your practice from the ground up. In this class, teachers will work on the key poses of yoga, sun salutations & focus on breath, basic pranayama and alignments.

This is a non-heated class.


This class begins with a slow-paced and gentle flow that centers on connecting breath to movement to allow your body to heal and rejuvenate. Mindful awareness of the breath will enhance focus and stillness of the mind to cultivate a greater consciousness of the spirit within. Yoga Nidra is often referred to as yogic sleep. A guided relaxation technique will be used to induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Unlike meditation, during Yoga Nidra yogis lie on their backs. Within this deep state of relaxation, contact within the subconscious and conscious mind occurs, creating a fertile mind to plant seeds of intention.

This is a non-heated class.


Give your mind and body precious time to rest, relax and heal during this unique Yin & Sound Bath class.
You will enjoy a 30-minute guided Yin yoga practice, followed by a sound healing relaxation that will leave you feeling grounded, centered and rejuvenated. A truly unforgettable experience.
You will find yourself flowing inward on a journey of love and light.