Functional Float Flow Workshop with Hiro

Join Hiro at YogaOne this November as he leads a series of workshops over 3 days to find more ease, depth, strength and freedom in your practice.

Nov 1st, Fri:
10:30am -1pm: Functional Float Flow
The way I was taught new yoga poses (as with just about all of us) was to keep trying the same pose over and over until we mastered it. But what if there was a more efficient way to get to the same result? Someone once said “We are all headed towards our ‘true North’ in this world. It’s just that most of us go South and take the long way around to get there.”
In this master class, we will flow progressively into more involved transitions and postures to increase consistency and ease in moving in and out of the arm balances and inversions throughout our practice.

2:30pm -5pm: Body Mechanics Workshop
Finding Strength in Balance
When you envision the strongest version of yourself, what do you see? Often, we associate physical strength with aggression and in seeking strength, we draw power from aggression. It is important that on our journey of self-discovery, we find our strength and power from a place of self-love and compassion.
We will cultivate the harmony of grace and power in our arm balances through deeper body awareness. Learning the tools in this workshop are a mirror for finding the strength in balance off of our mats.

Nov 2nd, Sat:
10:30am -1pm: Functional Flow
Functional Flow
Remember what it felt like when we were beginning our yoga journey? The soreness yes, but also a freedom in our bodies that we were not used to, a lightness in our step, the glow in our being. The movements, the shapes, were new to our bodies and the shapes served to increase the range of function in our bodies.
If we are honest, there are a lot of poses that are relatively comfortable for us now. So how can we increase our focus, our range of function, so that we can keep moving towards a better functioning self?
This master class incorporates different mobility exercises within familiar poses. We will introduce different transitions that shift the mental focus from fitting into a shape to making the shape serve a greater functionality in our bodies. The goal is to bring us closer towards the freedom we seek within.

2:30pm -5pm: Body Mechanics Workshop
Demystifying Backbends
Consider the thought that if the ribs, chest and spine are all anchored together, how is the beautiful even arch in backbends achieved in the upper chest? From another perspective, when we speak to the soulful aspect of backbends, opening past our egos allows for the openness of possibility. The duality of the mind and the soul is often seen as two sides of a coin…but is it possible that the mindfulness to the technical and the soul of the practice can come into harmony?
In this workshop, we will discover the different engagements, common misalignments, and inventive techniques that draw a deeper understanding to the mechanics of backbends. By demystifying the physiology, we will open up space for the soul to find its place in harmony with mindfulness.

Nov 3rd, Sun:
6:00pm – 8:30pm: Moving Meditation Master Class

The purpose of our practice is to experience the unity of our mind, body and soul in a fluid and seamless flow state. For over a decade I cued “breath to movement.” After diving deeper into my meditation practice and making the breath the focus, I shifted to “movement to breath.” The physical practice became something different, it became alive, connected, and truly authentic to how I wanted to move and BE.
This workshop taps into the deeper levels of our being, getting back in touch with our natural rhythms beyond the fear of “not enough”, beyond fear of “looking different.” We will introduce creative transitions and reconnect with the inner freedom of self expression and letting go found in a moving meditation.

Single workshop 300 dhs + VAT
One day workshop 550 dhs + VAT
Three days 1250 dhs + VAT

Early bird sign up (15% off) if booked and paid for before September 1st.

Hiro Landazuri is a yoga teacher and photographer with a background in medicine. He first connected with yoga almost 20 years ago to help with running-related injuries. The challenging aspects of the practice and the stress relief that came with it immediately drew him in.
While working on his biochemistry degree and conducting research as an undergrad, Hiro decided to take a break from academia. With years of yoga practice under his belt, he began teaching classes in 2007. He went back to college to finish his degree after a series of life changes and entered a rigorous graduate medical program that focused on heart transplant surgery. He left the field after realizing it wasn’t the right path for him and dove right back into teaching yoga.
Hiro has since gained a following for his detailed pose breakdowns and anatomy-focused approach to teaching, which come through in detailed alignment cues that are tailored to students’ different bodies. He believes yoga sparks self-empowerment and aims to help students learn who they are and love who they are on and off the mat.

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