The full moon is a time of reflection and release as we experience our energy, emotions and thoughts being intensified. Ladies, join Megan and Dina as they help you relax and rebalance your energy through a restorative aerial practice followed by a soothing sound bath. The slow pace of this class offers a wonderful opportunity to quietly reflect on your year so far and examine how your intentions are coming to fruition.

During your aerial practice you will enjoy a gentle and relaxing practice that is accessible to all students as our silk hammocks are placed only a few inches above the mat. This class is perfect to help you decompress your spine and stretch through a low and slow practice. Experience lightness as you suspend from the hammock to let yourself restore and repair, finding calm and ease. A beneficial practice for both the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, you will also cultivate mindfulness and find presence within your hammock.

During your long final relaxation in the hammock, Dina will guide you through a nourishing and soothing sound healing practice. You will be able to fully relax and release as your senses are filled with the rich frequencies and vibrations of the singing bowls which Dina expertly plays.

This class is the perfect way to relax and release during full moon, reconnect with your intentions for the new year and reflect on your journey thus far.

  • When: Thursday 28th January
  • Time: 7:00pm (75 minutes)
  • Price: 100 Dhs

*Advanced booking required