Do you want to practice your arm balances with more confidence and grace? We’ve got something new for you! 

Laylee is dedicating all of her Power 1.5 Vinyasa classes in March to arm balances, providing you with drills and skills to develop a deep understanding in your body of what it takes to fly. Some of these requirements of arm balances are obvious but most are actually not so intuitive.

These workshop-style flow classes include updated and detailed techniques for these foundational but challenging poses. You will attempt from 1 to 3 pro poses per class, in which you will learn the most thoughtful and effective way to practice and prepare yourself for arm balances. 

Week 1 – 4th & 6th: Bakasana + Kakasana (Crane & Crow) 

Week 2 – 11th & 13th: Bhujapidasana (Elephant Trunk) + Astavakrasana (8-Angle) 

Week 3 – 18th & 20th Viparita Bakasana (Side Crow) + Eka Pada Koundinyasana (Flying Lizard) 

Week 4 – 25th & 27th: Eka Pada Bakasana (One-Legged Crow) 

  • Time: Thursdays 7:30am (60 mins) & Saturdays 9:00am (75 mins)
  • Cost: 80 Dhs per class
  • All classes included in any unlimited YogaOne package