This special class is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend with your teen while practicing yoga. Join Rosa as she guides you through fundamental yoga poses and stretches to create warmth through your bodies, before trying some simple acro-balance sequences to spice up your practice and find playfulness with your teen.

Practicing with your teen not only reinforces your bond, but can help to improve your physical health and strength, reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness techniques and breathwork. As your teen navigates through changes and challenges in his or her life, practicing yoga together will help you to reinforce boundaries while you both learn how to release stress and enjoy the benefits of the practice. Yoga is an incredible tool for your teen to find presence and develop a deeper understanding of his or her emotions, while boosting positive feelings and experiencing connectedness with you and our community.

A perfect way to start your teen’s winter break!

  • When: Friday 11th December
  • Time: 4:30pm (90 minutes)
  • Price: 100 Dhs per pair
  • Age: 12 and up