Ashtanga 1.5 Combined Series with Michelle Alistoun

Take your Ashtanga practice to the next level, with this 1.5 Combined Series that provides a gap between the traditional primary and second series of Ashtanga.  This challenging, yet safe practice was developed by Michelle, following her travels to Mysore India, to counter the numerous forward folds in the primary series.  She achieved this by including many of the backbends, inversions & other challenging poses from the second series, leading to a more balanced practice for the body.  The traditional jump required between primary and second series is great but with the 1.5 Combined Series, every asana has a modification until the body is ready for full expression of the pose.

In this extended 2.5hour practice session, we shall begin first to prepare the mind and breath with a pranayama and kriya session, followed by an asana practice and finally ending with a meditation.  Michelle will lead the practice for the group and her long time Ashtangi husband, Sébastien will be there to assist the Ashtangis with (optional) hands on adjustments. Expect to be stretched and strengthened from head to toe – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Date: Friday 17th January, 2020

Time: 2:30pm – 5pm

Price: 190 AED (plus VAT)

** Bookings required

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