To guide you further along your path to finding flight in your practice, we are offering an Arm Balance Workshop with Laylee. This workshop is an ideal supplement to Laylee’s Power Vinyasa 1.5 classes during March where she explores a different arm balance(s) each week. Can’t make it to the weekly Power Vinyasa 1.5 classes? This workshop will condense the drills and techniques learnt in these classes to help you find liftoff!

This workshop includes updated and detailed techniques for foundational and a few other variations of arm balances. You will learn everything you need to feel confident, empowered and strong in all of the areas of your body that matter. Join us to gain knowledge, strength, and techniques that will open up the world of possibilities in your practice.

We’ll begin with a few conditioning exercises focused on upper body strength followed by building heat in your core and clever alignment-based flow and standing postures. Once you’ve warmed up and understood the techniques of finding balance and flight, we will explore 3 different variations of arm balance and some funky transitions.

  • When: Friday 12th March
  • Time: 11:30am (2 hours)
  • Investment: 160 Dhs (VAT incl.)