What is it?

This practice utilises 100% silk hammocks to gently restore and repair the muscular, structural and nervous systems of the body, engaging the mind, body and breath. By placing the hammocks just a few inches off the ground, students are able to experience the benefits of suspension, while enjoying a gentle and relaxing practice that is accessible to everyone. The hammock is the perfect prop to help stretch and decompress your spine, and we will also work to open up your hips, hamstrings and shoulders.

Why should you try it?

This workshop is an excellent complement to your mat practice, as you bring awareness to your movement and breath with the assistance of the hammock. If you have ever been curious about aerial yoga, this is the ideal way to dip your toe in, with the ease of flying low and slow. A beneficial practice for both the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, you will also cultivate mindfulness and find presence within your hammock.

How is it different from restorative yoga on the mat?

Using the hammock allows the body to be partly suspended, providing a feeling of weightlessness. Students are able to explore their flexibility without creating compression on joints and connective tissue, and the hammock allows for deeper opening of the spine than when on the mat.

Treat yourself this holiday season to this restorative practice, helping you find calm and relaxation.

  • When: Friday 4th December
  • Time: 4:30pm (75 minutes)
  • Price: 100 Dhs (VAT inclusive)

*Advanced booking required

Contact us at info@yogaone.ae or call us on 02 562 1217 / 050 950 8863