Become a Registered KGHypnobirthing Practitioner in Abu Dhabi at YogaOne with Katherine Graves

YogaOne is very excited to host Katherine Graves HypnoBirthing training this May 2019.

KGHypnobirthing offers a three day in-depth training to teach hypnobirthing, with an online Introduction to Hypnotherapy module for people who do not already have a hypnotherapy understanding. There is also an online Birthing Foundation module for people who are not midwives or obstetricians.

Both the Introduction to Hypnotherapy and the Birthing Foundation module need to be completed before taking the Hypnobirthing module.

The course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives in the UK as proof of the standard of training we offer.

Being a KGHypnobirthing teacher is supremely satisfying.  To be invited into a woman’s life at this special time of pregnancy, knowing that you are going to make it even better, is a huge privilege.  We regard it as our responsibility to tell her everything we know to help her have the best possible birth.  If we don’t it’s possible that no-one else will.

In the course we cover:

  • The reasons why KGHypnobirthing is so effective
  • The difference between a natural and medical birth
  • The natural efficiency and comfort of the body in labour
  • The simplicity of natural and calm birth and how to achieve it
  • The power of the mind
  • How to build confidence and let go of fears
  • How to apply KG Hypnobirthing principles in labour
  • The importance of the father
  • The relationship between mother, father and baby
  • Nutrition in pregnancy

Who Should Become a Registered KGHypnobirthing Teacher?

People train to be hypnobirthing teachers from different backgrounds, and each brings the benefit of their experience to add to the knowledge they acquire in the KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training.


The knowledge of midwives is enormous, but midwives have said they are surprised how much they learned on a KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training Course. They learn to look a little differently at the way they have worked for years, and it renews the vision that brought them into the profession in the first place.

Obstetricians also now realize the benefits that KG Hypnobirthing brings and welcome the opportunity to take a fresh view of the area in which they have so much knowledge and expertise.

A hypnotherapist who may already understand the mind/body continuum is amazed at just how powerfully the programming of the mind affects the intuitive responses of the body.

A mother who has given birth using hypnobirthing already really understands how it works because she has experienced it. She already knows the anatomy and physiology, the theory and the practice, and her story can be an inspiration to other women.

All these people and more have trained in hypnobirthing and are making a difference to the lives of women and their babies.

If you are interested in this training, please contact us for further information about the Teacher Training Syllabus and you can also refer to the KGHypnobirthing website.

Participants need to be registered and paid for by April 18th in order for the online courses to be completed prior to the training.

The course cost includes The Hypnobirthing Book, tea, coffee, and snacks.

Dates 18th/19th/20th May 9 AM – 5 PM.

Investment £757 ( please contact us for information to book And pay)