The Pelvis is a complex system of muscles and connective fascia and houses the pelvic floor. Situated centrally, this forms a major highway that relates to major movements and any dysfunction or disruption can greatly affect the rest of the body. The Pelvic Roll workshop will delve into getting to know the pelvic floor anatomy as it relates to your health and well being. We will explore it’s connections to the pelvis, the diaphragm and the affects on posture, hip and shoulder range of movements. Benefits can include pain relief in the lumbopelvic area, promote wellbeing in the viscera and your inner organs including digestion and breath work quality.

This workshop will guide you through the use of Myofascial Release Therapy with RAD Rollers and to increase the range of motion limited due to restrictions and includes a dynamic movement practice that will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

This workshop is open for everyone, whether you are looking into finding that link to fully explore your postures in your movement practice, or get that connection between your breath and the movements of your diaphragm – this workshop is relevant for everyone. We will explore the use of myofascial release balls to massage the tissues for health, to ease the restrictions that can cause and relieve pain and to help promote the general wellbeing of the core of your body – inside and out.


This workshop will be led by January Corteza |@yogijanuary|, RAD Yoga Master Coach. January has an extensive background in movement (yoga, prenatal yoga, and pilates), therapy and anatomy. She specializes in fascial studies and has studied under Yogamedicine, Neurokinetic Therapy certified, Functional Movement and Visceral Manipulation. January has also deepened her anatomy studies through cadaver dissections.


Immediately apply the MFR techniques learned with your RAD Roller Tools you takeaway with this workshop.

Price: 350 AED includes a RAD Roller Centre.

APRIL 6, 2019 2pm – 5pm