Sue was a British Midwife for more than 20 years and discovered yoga as a way to calm her mind and body after stressful shifts and to help improve her sleep patterns. The way yoga made her body feel more supple and fit was an added bonus. Sue believes yoga is for everybody, and her aim is to guide students to listen to their own bodies during practice and work safely while challenging themselves to new experiences.

As a yoga teacher Sue enjoys seeing students leaving class on a high, feeling energized and ready to take on the world! Sue’s prenatal yoga classes offer a way to safely keep the body fit and prepared for birth while providing a space for students to be calm and connected in preparation for motherhood.

Balancing her love of yoga, Sue also enjoys singing, running, swimming and long nature walks. Whatever a student’s motivation for doing yoga, Sue hopes that it will leave them feeling as energized and refreshed as she feels!

A place of healing, a place of meditation, a place of peace, a place of goodness.

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