Leili is a yoga instructor, green food junkie, and former serial entrepreneur. She worked in a stressful corporate environment for more than eight years, traveling often and working long hours. She started her regular practice in Ashtanga and Bikram when she was 30 years old and found yoga to be a place of freedom away from the stress and the struggles of work life. At age 34, Leili decided to walk away from business entirely and deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga. It was instinctive, something that her gut said she must do! In 2016 Leili completed her 200 hour teacher training with Bryce Yoga Training in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Leili sees yoga as a tool for living life with the most effective purpose. Yoga is practice of finding the edge and refining that edge; the more you practice, the most effective your practice is. Leili’s classes can be physically and mentally challenging, but through uplifting music and hands-on assistance she encourages her students to let their inner adventurer out and be joyful with it. Her favorite thing about teaching yoga is watching students evolve from seeing yoga as something to “do” into something they “become.”

A place of healing, a place of meditation, a place of peace, a place of goodness.

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