Kamal is from Alexandria, Egypt, where he previously worked as a veterinarian. Kamal lived a stressful life for many years in Egypt, but developed strength and flexibility growing up through various activities such as long jump and karate. Nevertheless, a negative environment and improper lifestyle nearly ruined him. He decided to try weight-lifting to improve his situation, but it did not provide the spiritual impact he sought.

Kamal then tried yoga, and was surprised to find it was much more than he thought; yoga shifted his perceptions and made him a calmer, more active and focused listener. Gaining inspiration and knowledge from many teachers here in the U.A.E. and the United States, Kamal is a Yoga Alliance certified 500 hours teacher with plans to complete a diploma in yoga therapy with the Viniyoga Institute. As a teacher, Kamal believes that a stable body fosters a stable mind. He is keen to help his students see the significance behind yoga as a truly life-changing concept, not just a body exercise. Kamal works in the pharmaceutical world when not teaching yoga.

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