During her time at university, Carola spent time working in gyms as an Aerobic instructor. The classes were always fun and productive, but she felt there was a lack of balance. One day, she attended a Power Yoga class. This yoga class immediately brought her feelings of connectedness, inner strength and calmness. She knew that yoga was the way to go!

In 2011, Carola moved to Sri Lanka – the country of ayurveda and yoga. She had the opportunity to learn from very experienced yoga instructors who showed her various disciplines of yoga. Because of this, Carola’s love for yoga has evolved and is naturally becoming a part of her. In June 2015, Carola successfully completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yogafirst ME under Joanne Arganaz and Pilar Sanchez. The training was an intense, life changing experience and gave Carola the space to learn what yoga is truly all about – on and off the mat; it is a way of life.

Carola teaches a flowy, vinyasa yoga. She also likes to combine Power Yoga and fitness elements to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, and balance. Her approach is a sure fire way to get you sweating, having fun, while at the same time discovering a mindful connection of body and mind.

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